The Morgan’s

I had a mini-session with the Morgan’s kiddos yesterday!  They are such a happy clan…they made it real easy on me!  🙂

jake.jpg picture by jesshamlin

My nephew – Kieran

Here is Kieran at 7 days old…he was just PERFECT for his Auntie!!  🙂  He’s so tiny & adorable…love him!!

Charlie & Kiley

I had a double session with 2 1/2 year old, Charlie & 15 month old, Kiley on Sunday.  It was pretty cold outside and super foggy…brrrrr…  They were such great troopers though!!  🙂

Chase – 6 months old

This is a big month for my little guys!  Chase turned 6 months old & Eli turned TWO!  🙂  Still working on getting some 2 year portraits of Eli…but here are a few of Chase’s 6 month pictures…

Miss Ella

I had the amazing opportunity to take pictures of 8 day old, Ella, yesterday.  She did so great!  Isn’t she beautiful?  🙂

seattle wa newborn photography


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