Carlos – 2 weeks old

I finally had the opportunity to take baby Carlos’ pictures today.  He is just a little over 2 weeks old and he did great.  It was a little tricky to get him to fall asleep…but it worked out in the end! 🙂  Keri & Ruben – Here is a little “sneak peek” for you!  He is SO beautiful…congratulations!



I can’t believe how much snow has fallen in the last few days…amazing!  It has made it a bit of a problem for me though.  I can’t make it to work and I had to postpone a newborn session… 🙁

Picture from our backyard today:

My new blog!

Welcome to my new blog!  I will now be posting over here.  Oh and my website went “live” yesterday…so go check it out!  (still sort of working on it)

One of the big reasons for switching to a new template…bigger pictures!!  🙂

My Santa baby…

Catching up…

The last couple of weeks I have been catching up on orders & proofs…& now I am all done! 🙂  Phew.

I decided to make December a quiet month for me…so I only have one session scheduled.  It will be this Saturday and it’s a newborn session for little Carlos, who was born last Thursday.  I can’t wait!

Until then, thought I would post a few recent pictures of my family.

My 7 month old…Chase…  🙂

My niece, Zoe…

My nieces, Avery & Zoe…

Cousins :)

My sister asked me last month if I would take pictures of my nephew & his cousins (on his daddy’s side of the family), to get a picture for their grandparents for Christmas.  Of course I said “Yes!”.  We met up on Saturday at Dash Point…of course the forecast all week said it would be sunny…and it turned out to be cool, foggy & cloudy.  It worked just fine though!  Trying to get just one picture of all four of them together & happy was near impossible…ha! 

This one is probably the best out of the bunch…


And here are some others to share…

Lil’ Sophia

My sister, nephew & brother-in-law

Aiden & Ethan

seattle wa newborn photography


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